SKIN Membership - $100/mo

The skin regenerates on approximately a 28-day cycle. This is why we recommend monthly facials to maintain healthy, beautiful skin! Sign up for our monthly facial membership and save 20% on your facial treatments, plus 10% off upgrades & Eminence Organic Skincare products, and receive exclusive member perks!
Organic Hungarian Facial

Acne Bootcamp - $240/mo x 3mos
A 3-month program dedicated to getting your acne clear, and keeping you clear - for life! FINALLY, a holistic approach that addresses the root causes of acne, lifestyle habits, skin care/hair care/ cosmetics, diet & supplementation – and it actually works! Program includes in depth consultation, 6 bi-weekly Botanical Acne Relief Treatments, and weekly nutrition check ins, PLUS bonus products, samples and discounts!
Acne 101

Collagen Induction Bootcamp - $435/mo x 3mos
The most comprehensive anti-aging treatment plan in the city! This is a 3-month program designed to transform your skin to a firmer, brighter, more youthful complexion! We use a gentle, holistic approach to optimize overall skin health & vitality through topical skin care products, micro-needling, LED Therapy, micro-current and diet/supplementation. Program includes in depth consultation, 1 Collagen Induction & 1 Skin Fit Facial per month, weekly nutrition check ins, PLUS bonus products, samples and discounts!
Aging 101

Scar Revision Program - $225/mo x 12mos
This program is designed for those suffering with acne scarring. Step one is to begin regular cosmetic rolling to introduce the skin to micro-needling and prepare for professional treatments. We then proceed with medical micro-needling treatments, and alternate each month with our Dermal Lift Infusion Treatment for optimal tissue repair. This non-ablative treatment approach preserves and strengthens the integrity of the skin, induces natural collagen production and regenerative healing as it breaks down scar tissue.
Skin Spin Facial

Nutrition Guidance - $40/mo
Work with our Certified Nutritionist to review your daily habits that contribute to your nutritional health. Learn basic nutrition guidelines, dietary triggers for various skin conditions and concerns and recommended supplementation for optimal skin health.
Bi-weekly check ins included.
Nutrition Consultation


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