Certified Advanced Esthetician, Certified Body Sugarist & Educator & Certified Master Lash Artist & Educator.

Since the age of 12 years old I struggled with severe acne. I spent years making trips to the dermatologist, applying prescription creams and taking oral antibiotics to try and heal my skin. Nothing was working; still day after day I would wake up and cake as much makeup as I could on my skin to try and hide the blemishes.

I actually grew to love the makeup. Even though it started as a security blanket, I was also a competitive dancer, so I got to play with stage makeup every weekend and turn it into something fun.

After high school I took a year off to pursue dance as a career, but right before my first paid gig I ended up in the hospital with appendicitis. The recovery process was enough to get me dropped from the company and set me back far enough in my training that after one more audition, (which I actually got – look for me in the K-OS “Sunday Morning” music video – my claim to fame) I decided I needed to find something a little more stable. I took a job at GoodLife Fitness as a Customer Service Representative and a Group Exercise Instructor. The hours weren’t great and the work wasn’t fun… I needed something that I could enjoy as much as I enjoyed dancing.

In 2007 my best friend told me she was going to hair school in the fall. I was never interested in hair, but I loved makeup and she told me that there was an Esthetics school in the same building. As I read through the brochure I realized there was a long list of classes in the “Skin Care” section and suddenly it occurred to me that I had never been taught about quality cosmetics or how to properly take care of my skin. I knew this was it! I could learn how to clear my skin, and then I could help others do the same! I could help people gain their self-esteem back.

One year later I graduated with Honours from Elegance School of Esthetics. I spent the first 6.5 years of my career working at well-established spas around Guelph. I gained a wealth of knowledge and experience and developed a positive reputation in the community. In 2014 I was inspired to open my doors as Skin Studio Spa where I could focus on the things I love most – radiant, healthy skin, and enhancing a woman’s natural beauty with cosmetics to truly help them look and feel beautiful in their own skin.


Spa Manager
Guest Services, Certified Lash Artist, Certified Waxing & Body Sugarist

Growing up, I matured very quickly. By the time I was in second grade, I began to get pimples on my face. By the time the sixth grade rolled around, and everyone else just started to get breakouts mine were very bad, so I turned to makeup. I became very good at using it at a very young age.

As I got older my acne concerns grew smaller, but I still loved getting dolled up. In high school I wouldn't leave the house without makeup on. Getting ready to go to parties or events with my friends was always something I enjoyed because a lot of them would ask me to do their makeup for them, even my older sister wanted her makeup done by me! It has always been something I have enjoyed doing, but I never considered making a career out of it.

When I was finished grade twelve I went directly into school for Broadcast Journalism. I enjoyed it and learned a lot, but about half way through my third year at school I realized "This isn't something I will enjoy doing as a career for the rest of my life."

I then began to look into going to school for hair and esthetics, but with student loans hanging over my head, it was not a realistic dream for me to have.

For the year following my completion of school, I worked as a server and then as a residential cleaner. They were okay jobs, but neither were what I wanted as a career - they were just filler jobs to me. I began to feel very fed up with working - not because I don't want to work, I just want to love what I'm doing and enjoy going to work every day.

When I saw the ad posting about a receptionist job at Skin Studio Spa, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. It was something I thought I would do well at, and love to do, and I wasn't wrong.

Since starting here I have learned so much about makeup and about the importance of skin care, and I am still learning new things every day, and loving it! I love the atmosphere, the clients and the job itself and look forward to growing with the spa.


Certified Advanced Esthetician

I became interested in esthetics at a very early age. In grade 12, I completed a co-op with a local spa and I knew that this was the career choice for me. I studied and completed my Esthetics certification at Gina's College of Aesthetics in Waterloo, which was heavily focused on in-class training and perfecting practical execution. I worked in local spas for a few years before returning to college to study business. I was able to take this knowledge and apply it to the hospitality industry, and in 2016, I returned to the esthetics world, knowing that this is where I belong. I am so happy to be part of Meaghan's team here at Skin Studio Spa and love meeting new and returning clients!


Certified Advanced Esthetician & Certified Nutritionist

From a young age I was interested in beauty. I can remember my grandmother painting my nails when I was very young, as well as giving my mom pretend manicures and pedicures. In high school I enjoyed spending time experimenting with makeup. However, it wasn't until I was halfway through my University degree in Anthropology that realized Aesthetics was something I could pursue as a career.

I enrolled in Rinaldi College of Aesthetics where I discovered my passion for skin care. Along with our other aesthetics courses, we were given a brief course on nutrition and how it played a role in skin care. It was then that I began to link some of the my own skin issues with some of my nutrition and lifestyle choices. I learned that what we put into our bodies can be just as important as the products we use on it.

Recently, I decided to expand my knowledge in nutrition. I completed a Nutrition Diploma and am currently working on completing my Advanced Nutrition Diploma through Shaw Academy. I hope to be able to better treat client's concerns as well as educate them in the use of homecare products in combination with nutrition in order to maximize the results achieved in their treatments.

I am happy to be able to work with Meaghan and her team at Skin Studio Spa and look forward to growing with the business.

-Danielle C.

Guest Services

As an entrepreneur I have always known the importance of a professional image. Looking our best for our clients, and always representing our brand means taking the time to take care of ourselves. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to work along side these fabulous ladies who have helped educate me in various elements of skin and body care.
Active in the wedding industry, I spend a lot of my time assisting couples achieve their wedding dreams. Skin and body care is an important part of looking and feeling your best on this very important day, and I love that I am now able to help clients achieve their beauty goals too!

-Danielle D.

Guest Services

At a young age, I was introduced to skincare and the overall importance of wellness. Having just recently graduated with a background in business and my immense passion for skincare, I was eager to apply for the position with Skin Studio Spa as a front desk receptionist. Being given the chance to join a dedicated team who relies on such importance has truly been an incredible experience. I love a hands-on job that allows me to connect with clients and help them in any way I can. With this opportunity, I am excited to put forth my knowledge and experience to maintaining both a professional and positive atmosphere while learning more about the spa industry with the help of my co-workers!




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